Black Wing Enterprises Privacy Policy

Black Wing Enterprise is our company name, and all our various websites are a part of our company. Your right to privacy is very important! Black Wing Enterprises respects your privacy. We will never sell, rent or give away your name, email or address to anyone. We recognize that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner. We believe this information should only be used to help us provide you with better service.

We use email to communicate with you about your orders, as well as to let you know about special promotions ONLY.

We will take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information in storage. Additionally, access to personally identifiable information is limited to individuals needing such access to process your order. We will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, please feel free to email us (which is our mother site Mystic Cauldron).

Online Safety

Please practice safety online. Phishing and spoofs are one way that crooks try to get your personal and/or financial information. They will often send you an email which in turn will redirect you to a site which is in reality a look-alike site. Another method is to direct you to the actual site, but they will have a pop-up window appear for you to enter information which is not really connected with the site that you know. We will never send you an email with a pop-up box.

To order from our site or any other, it is best to either go to where you have the site bookmarked, or type the url into your browser. Never place an order or give your personal or financial information through an email.

Emails can appear on the surface to be from anywhere, while in reality they are from somewhere else entirely. We will use your name when sending you an email. Fake emails will tend to use generic terms rather than your name. The internet gives us great convenience and access to all sorts of wonderful things. Just be sure to use it wisely since there are predators out there in cyberspace as well.


By purchasing any item from Black Wing Enterprises the buyer warrants that he is over the age of 18 and in compliance with his local, state, federal and all applicable laws and is legally able to purchase these items. Black Wing Enterprises may not be held responsible for any non-compliance with these laws. Black Wing Enterprises may not be held responsible for any damage or injury to person or property resulting from the use of any item sold by Black Wing Enterprises. The buyer understands that he or she is responsible for the safe handling of any item purchased from Black Wing Enterprises.

Metaphysical and herbal information is for educational, inspirational, and entertainment purposes only. Mystical information on herbal and spiritual healing information is not to be construed as prescription or healthcare information. See your physician or other healthcare practitioner for all ailments, disease and injury. The Mystic Cauldron/Black Wing Enterprises assumes no liability for any use or misuse of this information. Black Wing Enterprises does not warrant that a person may legally purchase, possess, or carry any specific items offered, according to federal, state or local laws. By purchasing any item from the Black Wing Enterprises, whether by phone, mail, email or in person, the buyer grants that they are in compliance with local and state laws and legally able to purchase those items.

Black Wing Enterprises makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to any matter not expressly provided herein, including without limitation, the condition, quality, design, or fitness of the knife/sword for use on any particular purpose. By acceptance of the knife/sword, purchaser agrees that the Black Wing Enterprises shall have no liability to purchaser or any person whatsoever for any claim, loss, damage or expense arising from handling, use, display, or storage of the knife/sword. We would also like to state Metaphysical, Pagan and Witchcraft items are sold as curios only. Black Wing Enterprises makes no claim or guarantee to any supernatural or magical qualities for any product. The names and alleged powers are gathered from books, folklore and various occult sources. The Magick is within you!

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