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DECEMBER SALE! This month we are offering Jewelry with item numbers beginning with the letter "J" at 10% off! The shopping cart will show full price, but we will adjust the price when we receive your order.

5-5-11 - Books on Traditional Witchcraft are here! Click here to view titles by Peter Paddon, Robin Artisson and more!

We are excited to announce our new sister site Root and Bone Apothecary at All the oils and powders here are made based on traditional recipes as well as being made during the proper moon phase and energized.

Check out Auntie's Attic for our overstock sale items. More items were added this month, and we will be continuing to add new items for months to come. Some of these items are on sale for below wholesale, so get them while supplies last.

I'm happy to announce that we are now on Twitter! It's currently under my craft name of Draiga Wolfsong.

We have a new newsletter blog. Click on this link to view it. In the future we will sprinkle in spells and tips.

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