Spell Crafts

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Item #BSPECRA: Spell Crafts

This second edition of Spell Crafts, the much-loved and oft-read guide to magical handwork, features new illustrations and a new preface by David Harrington. Learn how to create and use magical simmering potpourris, a beaded psychic mandala, clay pentacles, plaques, and more. Paperback 193 pgs. Cunningham & Harrington

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Spellcraft, Handbook

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Spellcraft, Handbook

In Spellcraft the famous West Coast author, critic and teacher presents complete intructions for the making and using of verbal magic. This activity, a form of comcentrated wishing or transmittal of intuitive messages, is as old as language itself and as powerfull as the deepest forces of the human psyche. His intelligent, informative commentary will fascinate both those reading out of curiosity and those seeking practical knowladge. Paperback, 175 pgs. by Skelton, Robin.

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Spells and Magic

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Item #BSPELIT: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Spells and Magic

This book is the little giant encyclopedia solution for anyone who needs a basic understanding of magic and spellcrafting, along with a long list of spells for those who have passed beyond the beginning stages of their path into the deeper mysteries. 511 pages long, this book covers the basics of witchcraft, shamanism, voodoo, protection spells from the books of solomon, divination and more.

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Spells for the Solitary Witch

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Spells for the Solitary Witch

This book's spells are all designed to be cast by a single witch, working alone. Coveners can also use them, when they work by themselves or by adapting the spells for group use. Love, money, wishes, uncrossing, protection... whatever your need, there is likely to be a spell for it here. Candle magick, knot magick, footprint magick, sympathetic magick, herbal magick, ... there are many different kinds of spells in the book. Smudging, asperging, invocation, incantation, visualization.. many different magickal techniques are used. Charms, potions, poppets, mojo bags, spell bottles, rituals... whatever your skill level, there is something here for you. Soft Cover 176 pgs. By Holland, Eileen

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Spells for Tough Times

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Spells for Tough Times

ILooking for some magical help for those unpredictable curveballs that life throws your way? Spells for Tough Times is a unique and comprehensive tool-kit for coping with and rising above just about any difficulty, whether it's a minor annoyance, embarrassing quandary, or unexpected crisis.

Refreshingly positive and practical, this book features over 150 easy-to-perform spells and rituals that address specific problems we all commonly face. Organized by major areas of concern, you'll find customizable spells related to personal habits and emotions, family and children, relationships, pets, health, house and home, career, finances, legal disputes, world events, death, and handling grief. Compatible with all spiritual paths and levels of spellwork experience, these simple yet potent spells will help you find peace, let go of stress, and survive every bump in the road.

From layoffs and foreclosures to child bullying and identity theft, this book combines magical and mundane solutions to help you navigate life's hurdles and hardships with grace, serenity, and hope.

Open up the pages of Spells for Tough Times and learn to:

reconnect with an estranged relative
Banish an unwanted crush
Speed recovery from a serious illness
Move on after divorce or infidelity
Heal from the loss of a loved one or pet
Manage the pressure of being overextended at work
And much more…

This is a 431 page softcover book by Kerri Conner.

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Book: Success & Power through the Psalms

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Success & Power through the Psalms

Many psalms are located here. Remove A Hex, Control Business Partners, Change Your Luck, Repel All Evil, Bring Peace into The Homes, Obtain Justice, Sleep Well, Win in Court, and many more. Paperback 53 pages by Donna Rose.

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Book: Talismans & Amulets

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Talismans & Amulets

Since the beginning of time, people have seized upon magical objects to guard against danger, assure good luck, and gather strength along lifes journey. Amulets and talismans still possess this powerand this fascinating reference showcases ancient and revered examples from cultures throughout the world. They come from the goddesses of antiquity, Egypt, the I-Ching, Chinese zodiac, Celts, runes, and medieval Europe. Each symbol serves a different purpose: Udjat, the Egyptian Horus Eye, is the protective amulet, warding off evil and blindness, while the tai chi encircled by eight trigrams fosters self-knowledge and the Venus talisman enhances attractiveness, harmonizes relationships, and cultivates love. This is a fully illustrated 265 page trade softcover book by Felicitas Nelson.

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Tarot Power

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Item #BTARPOW: Tarot Power

Tarot: Its not just a deck of cards. Youve probably seen fortunetellers use Tarot cards to predict someones future. But did you know that you can create your own destiny using the power of the Tarot? Did you know that its ancient symbols can be used to cast spells, find romance, and improve every aspect of your life? This is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Tarotrevealed at last. Its an ancient source of power you can control. This exciting new approach to the Tarot combines the cards timeless magical symbolsinspired by Egyptian, Kabalistic, Jewish, Christian, Moslem, and Pagan practiceswith the mystical arts of astrology, numerology and Wicca. All you need is a deck of Tarot cards and some easy-to-find ingredients. In a few simple steps, you can tap into the power of the Tarots enduring archetypesthe Lovers, the Magician, the High Priestess, and othersto harness their universal energies and enhance your body, mind, love life, career, or anything you desire. Includes spells and rituals for * love * health * prosperity * marriage * happiness * fertility * sexuality * dreams * healing * curing depression * restoring faith * enhancing charisma * finding a soulmate * writing and communicating * losing weight * fighting addictions * conquering loneliness * settling disputes * achieving success * and much more paperback 264 pgs. by Rosean, Lexa

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